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Vertix Pico PMU Membrane Cartridge Needles Sample Pack


Discover the epitome of PMU precision with Vertix Pico needle cartridges. This sample pack of 5 Vertix Pico cartridges gives you the most popular configurations artists are using today: 

 Included Configurations: 

1 Round Liner Cartridge with 0.25 Medium Taper: An excellent option for artists hoping to achieve clear, cut lines, precise and delicate linework, stippling, as well as small areas of shade-work 

3 Round Shader Cartridge with 0.25mm Medium Taper: The best option for the artist who wants to perform procedures of soft edges, color packing, and shading  

9 Curved Magnum Cartridge with 0.25mm Medium Taper: The recommended choice for those artists who want to practice color packing and blending; this cartridge is also known as an “all-rounder.” 

5 Sloped Cartridge with 0.25 Long Taper: Ideal for the artist who wants to create fine lines, blending, and shading 

1 Round Liner Textured Cartridge with 0.33 Long Taper: Optimal for experienced artists who practice ink packing since these needles can hold lots of ink. 

These advanced PMU cartridge needles have a slim, tapered design for maximum visibility and pigment delivery. They also feature a redesigned and revamped tip reservoir, elongated for precise work and splatter prevention, encouraging your most hygienic procedures. With this robust design, you can count on pixel-perfect results.  

The soft inner membrane ensures a hygienic environment by preventing the backflow of pigment. These cartridges also have an internal system designed to reduce vibration and make your procedures as comfortable as possible. Compatible with most PMU machines, these needles are made in the USA, EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized, and officially licensed and CE-certified. Try them with the Microbeau Flux Mini PMU machine for the ultimate combination.  

  •  Redesigned and revamped tip reservoir for precise work and splatter prevention 
  • Slim and tapered cartridge design for maximum visibility and pixel-perfect results 
  • Inner system reduces vibration and enhances comfort 
  • Most advanced PMU cartridges available 
  • Soft inner membrane prevents backflow of pigment, maintaining hygiene 
  • Compatible with most PMU machines 
  • Made in the USA 
  • EO (ethylene oxide) gas sterilized 
  • Officially licensed and CE-certified 
  • Sold as a sample pack of 5