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Brow Mapping Bow


The Brow Bow offers an incredibly easy and efficient method for mapping brows making your pre-draw process much more time efficient. Simply attach each end of a strand of string to the bow and begin the pre-draw process by rubbing the taut string against the client’s skin. This product includes the following: 

Brow Bow

Tthe perfect tool for artists who love the efficiency and precision of mapping and measuring with string. 

Carbon Paper Square Pad (11 pcs)
These carbon paper pads are used to conveniently coat string used in the brow mapping process. Each carbon paper square is 4cm x 2.5 cm and consists of solvent ink coating on plastic film. Once transferred onto the string, the ink will effortlessly mark your client’s skin without smudging and can be easily removed with water. 

Inkless String (10 pcs)
Includes 10 strands of cotton string that are measured, knotted and ready to be inserted into the Brow Bow.  Mapping string can be used also.