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Lumi Digital PMU Device Kit

Beautiful, modern design with better performance to help today’s artists.

LUMI Digital Panel — Featuring a buttonless touch panel made from tempered glass. Pre-configured with 4 procedure modes with customizable settings. Dual device compatibility.

LUMI Pen — One-step assembly with the highest safety standard. Powered by German Faulhaber motor and designed to create the crispest hair strokes and softest powder look.

Kit Contents — LUMI Digital Panel, LUMI Pen, ultra slim adaptor, foot pedal, cable, 1-nano needle, 1-liner needle, 3-liner needle, 4-flat needle, 5-shader needle, 6-flat needle, 8-round needle, 9-magnum needle, 11-magnum needle

Due to the nature of use for machines/needles and cartridges in our industry, all sales are final.