Browbox Pre/Post Care Collections


Items used prior or after a procedure to help aid for best results and retention.

Eyebrow Sealant

Brow Balm

Brow Balm
from- $2.75 +
Brow Balm from $2.75

Brow Aftercare Kit

Sterile Water Wipes

MicroTonic (16oz Back Bar)

(60 Pack) MicroBalm Pillow Packs - (5ml each)

Lip Aftercare Kit

Lip Aftercare Kit from $7.00

MicroTonic (4oz Mini)

(30 Pack) MicroTonic Stand Up Pillow Packs - (15ml each)

(4oz) MicroPH7 Bio-Active All Purpose Skin Cleanser

Scalp Pro 5.5 SMP - Match Box Set

(2g Single) Concord Grape Mint LipLock Mini

(2g Single) Raspberry Mint LipLock Mini