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Mast Tour Wireless PMU Tattoo Machine WITH BATTERY by Dragon Hawk Black

Can be used with or without battery pack (separate power supply not included)

  • RCA cord
  • USB Charging Cord (no adaptor supplied)
  • Battery
  • Frame part is separate from the grip, making the grip very easy to clean and sterilize (autoclavable)
  • seamless frame that protects the inside of the machine
  • Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies
  • Easily adjust needle depth or remove needle by rotating the grip   
  • Frame is made from solid rods of high-grade aluminum then polished and anodized
  • high-quality stainless steel spring inside body mechanism
  • special mechanism makes a good direct hit together with enough softness
  • Excellent for all varieties of techniques including lining, fine dot work, color packing, shading, black and grey realistic and more!
  • laser engraved logo


  • Net Weight: 82g
  • Machine Diameter: 25mm
  • Machine Length: 85mm
  • Stroke Length: 3.5mm
  • Speed: 8V/9000Rpm
  • 30 Day Warranty in North America
  • Due to the nature of use for machines/needles and cartridges in our industry, all sales are final.